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VIVI H2S-2 Electric Skateboard, Electric Longboard with Remote Control , 12.4 MPH Top Speed, 350W Single Motor, 5 Miles Range, Optimum load not more than 155 Lbs,3 Speed Adjustment for Adults Teens Kids


Mileage: 5 miles/8 km | Low speed: 6.2MPH | Medium speed: 9.3MPH | Max speed: 12.4MPH

Entire board N.W.: 8.8 lbs | Size: 27.5x7.1x5.5 inch | Max load: 155 lbs

Board: | Battery Capacity: 2000mAh | Type: 29.4V lithium battery | Charging Time: 2 hours

MotorType: 72mm Hub | Motor Power: Single-motor 350W

Remote Size: 2.8x2.0 inch | Distance: 14m | Frequency: 2.4GHz | Charging time: 2 hours

Package Size: 29.7x10.6x6.3 inch | G. W.: 12.6 lbs

Pair instruction:

At the first step, the skateboard and remote must be paired.

Before starting, ensure the skateboard and remote turn off, then turn on the skateboard, press the power button for 5 seconds, the power button light will flash. Next Turn on the remote, then press the pair button, the signal indicator will flash and the power button light will flash with same frequence, means paired successfully.

Push the joystick, forward to test the accelerate and backward to test the brake.

After tested all function work normal you can start your riding.

In addition:The electric skateboard is designed to ride on flat and paved surfaces. Avoid riding on sand, gravel,mud, rugged or open ground. Do not ride on slippery ground, such as snow, ice or wet ground.